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Select the sneaker, and the size that you want to secure.  At this time you will be purchasing our service fee to secure your slot.  You are only allowed one size per slot at checkout.  If you would like to purchase multiple slots, please make sure that you provide different information for each one, such as Name, Address, Credit Card Number, etc.  Please make sure to double check your information, before submitting your slot.

Once you purchase your slot, you will be redirected to our secure form page where you will submit your AutoCheckout information.  This information will be used on your behalf to secure the items from the retailers on release day.

During release day, we will run your slot using the AutoCheckout information that you've provided.  Upon success, our service fee is captured and you are charged the retail price by the retailer(s).  Don't worry!  If your slot turns out unsuccessful, you will not be charged the service fee.

There is a chance that your slot may be checked out more than once.  If it is, you will only be charged the one-time service fee for that slot.  If you would like to prevent this, we recommend putting a limit on your card.



Need more than just one? We've got you covered! With our bulk slot option, you can choose the sizes and quantity you want for a cheaper price. Contact us to get started!

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